"To direct a picture in 3D you must also design and shoot it in 3D. There is simply no substitute for having the ability to view every scene and every setup with the added emotional dimension of depth that CAMERON | PACE Group’s FUSION 3D system afforded me. I couldn't imagine directing "Hugo" without it."


“I investigated all the camera systems before doing 3D. I found the Cameron Pace system to be the most robust for my type of shooting style. What everyone told me is 3D will take you this long to change lenses and this long to shoot, and days will be added to your schedule blah blah. Well they forgot they were working with me. I shoot 50, 60 set ups a day and I wasn't going to change. I told Vince you have to adapt to me and my shooting style. He assembled the very best 3D crew and indeed were able to adapt. Transformers 3 pushed the Cameron Pace system farther then any live action movie has ever attempted before.

While we were shooting we had intel on the other films shooting with 3D systems and heard many nightmare production stories on those sets with these other 3D systems. So I firmly believe it is the quality of the system and crew on that system that gave us the production advantage.

3D - after a good long water torture from Cameron and Jeffery Katzenburg - I decided to shoot Transformers 3 in 3D. I was so enlightened by the process and how you really feel scale and weight from the robots. How they magically enter your personal space makes it a wonderful fun tool to use in storytelling. It was a process I loved.”


"Having access to the experience of Jim Cameron, Vince Pace and a team of the most experienced 3D film people in the world meant for a very speedy education. I think the images speak for the success of the technological and creative fire power that they brought to the party…needless to say, the Cirque du Soleil images that we've captured with the CAMERON | PACE systems are beyond spectacular."


"CAMERON | PACE Group offers the most comprehensive 3D innovation for all kinds of films. I really enjoyed working with them on TRON: Legacy and rely on them on my current film, Life of Pi, where the majority of the work takes place on the water, something CAMERON | PACE Group has the extensive experience with. Their production team is great, extremely knowledgeable, dedicated, and hard working. They have been great support."


“I like to use 3D as a creative tool. I don't want to be a slave to the technology or limited by it in any way. With CAMERON | PACE Group's FUSION 3D rigs the technology is basically dealt with from capture through post, leaving me to concentrate on using the 3D format creatively. On "The Three Musketeers" and "Resident Evil: Afterlife," we pushed the rigs to extremes and finished ahead of schedule on both projects. FUSION 3D gave us the freedom to shoot visually exciting sequences, limited only by our imagination.”


"FUSION 3D is an exciting new technology that has helped me create an emotional cinematic experience in my film. I am excited to explore the 3D frontier and what it has to offer the filmmaker. CAMERON | PACE Group, with their extensive 3D resume, has been instrumental in helping me explore that frontier."
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