A History of Technological Innovation
CAMERON | PACE Group (CPG) leads the entertainment and broadcast industry with innovative patented technologies, products, tools and solutions for 3D productions and sports broadcasts. 

CPG's easy, efficient and cost-effective 3D solutions have supported productions generating more than $8.5 billion in box office, and have played a key role in concert films, music videos and commercials, 31 features and more than 300 sports broadcasts worldwide. As pioneers in 3D technologies and production services for more than 14 years, CPG has displayed a commitment to in-house technology innovation, R&D, engineering and manufacturing.

CPG’s unmatched experience and unrivaled capabilities allow us to deliver a range of technologies, productions, tools and solutions that support a 3D production’s business value and cost effectiveness. 

As of April 2013, CPG held 11 patents for its equipment, including one for its Shadow Vision™ technology that stacks a 3D camera system next to or above a traditional broadcast 2D camera system and allows one camera operator to control and drive both cameras with one set of controls, capturing 2D and 3D images simultaneously. The company holds another patent for a device to control the intraocular distance and the convergence angle between camera lenses.

On May 7, 2013, CPG was part of the broadcast team that won a Sports Emmy Award in the "Team Technical Remote" category, for ESPN's 3D's coverage of the 2012 Winter X Games 16. Together with CBS Sports, CAMERON | PACE Group was also awarded a Sports Emmy Award "The George Wensel Technical Achievement Award" for the 2010 US Open Tennis Championships in 3D, an award that recognizes technological innovation that is extraordinary and enhances the broadcast for the viewer. This production also marked the first time a live sports broadcast was shot with CPG's 2D/3D integrated camera rig, Shadow D and the first time in history a US Open Tennis Championship was shot in 3D.

Other technological innovations include:

The FUSION 3D camera and workflow system delivers brilliant imagery, innovative control systems and a wide array of highly collaborative features. It is the most widely distributed, creative and advanced 3D camera and workflow system available, and is relied on by the world’s top filmmakers. Efficient, flexible and scalable, FUSION 3D meets the needs of any creative team or global shooting environment through highly advanced dynamic systems fusing the right and left images in the same manner as human vision and creating a visual experience matched only by reality. The FUSION 3D system is comprised of a filmmaker’s choice of cameras and lenses coupled with a FUSION 3D, advanced stereoscopic acquisition system.

FUSION 3D’s workflow is centered on an innovative, patented motion-based platform: the CPG CAMNET™ System. A game-changer in stereoscopic workflow systems, CPG’s CAMNET™ is a network of distributed devices working in concert to communicate with all elements in the 3D workflow: camera systems, video recording and playback devices, and a vast array of CPG proprietary equipment, including the CAMNET™ slate, the SRX stereo image processor, CRX color corrector and many others. Unlike any other system ever developed, CPG's CAMNET™ System fully integrates all the components used in the workflow to provide the most advanced, reliable 3D system available today.

To service the 2013 Winter X Games, CPG deployed two Shadow mobile units, each equipped with newly engineered MaxRemote™ automated camera rigs. MaxRemote™ technology is at the core of CPG’s new suite of production tools and puts total control of all camera rigs in the hands of the mobile unit production team. This technology also facilitates critical functions including matching back focus and vertical lens tracking, features that are being looked at for use in standard 2D production. MaxRemote™ reduces the amount of personnel needed to staff cameras in the field and facilitates centralized command of 3D image acquisition and quality control. This technology was critical for coverage of the X Games, a complex live production with camera placements in hard-to-access locations. “The key to MaxRemote™ is you can place the camera anywhere and never have to physically visit during the production,” says Patrick Campbell, CPG’s Chief Technology Officer. “At the X Games, the cameras were essentially only visited when they were bagged for the night and unbagged in the morning.”

And much more…

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