Sports Productions
CAMERON | PACE Group is the leading the broadcast industry with innovative 3D technologies and production services from - SCRIPT² SCREEN

Supporting the world’s top networks and broadcasters such as ESPN 3D and CBS Sports, CPG unmatched experience and unrivaled capabilities helps content producers realize 3D’s full potential as a new, immersive and powerful storytelling medium.

CAMERON | PACE Group continues to revolutionize the sports production process with innovative new technologies and products for every step of the broadcasting process – cameras, workflows and various proprietary, creative tools for 3D production including:

Our ground breaking integrated 2D/3D automated system, Shadow D used on productions such as the US Open Tennis Championships, Masters Golf Tournament, the NBA All-Star Game, ESPN's X-Games and Winter X-Games and Major League Baseball's Home Run Derby has revolutionized the sports production process.

The Shadow D system is a 2D process with 5D results. With 2D and 3D now on the same team, the integrated 2D/3D Shadow D system captures images simultaneously. This allows networks and broadcasters to use shared resources, camera positions and operators, significantly reduce production costs and operators can use 3D without learning any new production techniques.
Our Mobile workflow units provides broadcasts teams with on location sports production efficiency and a complete set of broadcasting tools for 3D production.

The FUSION 3D camera and workflow system delivers brilliant imagery, innovative control systems and a wide array of highly collaborative features. Efficient, flexible and scalable, FUSION 3D meets the needs of any network and broadcaster or global location through highly advanced dynamic systems fusing the right and left images in the same manner as human vision and creating a visual experience matched only by reality.

CAMERON | PACE Group continues to be a driving force in the sports production industry revolution.

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