3D Sandbox
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It’s not a class or a workshop. The name says it all.

Step into a new real life, hands-on and interactive FUSION 3D playground. The industry’s only complimentary, hands-on 3D training sandbox designed especially for filmmakers.

From the beginning of cinema, filmmakers have mastered depth and perception. You already know your craft, why not learn to express it in this new medium?

FUSION 3D is all about complementing the storytelling of filmmaking. Countless of the world’s most revolutionary features, concert films, music videos, commercials and live sports broadcasts have been shot in FUSION 3D.

FUSION 3D is a filmmaker’s dream. Learn hands-on about the easy, efficient and cost-effective system, workflows and creative tools to tell your next story.

In your 3D sandbox, you make the rules. Test, shoot and screen your FUSION 3D footage in our powerful theater environment. Our qualified set manager will work closely with you throughout the shooting process.

Be your own 3D myth buster and remember this isn’t your kid’s sandbox. Play nice.

Exclusively available to DGA, ASC, PGA and Local 600 members.
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