James Cameron & Vince Pace
The revolution began more than 12 years ago when Academy Award-winning director, James Cameron and Emmy Award-winning director of photography, Vince Pace set out to revolutionize the entertainment experience.

Together with Chief Technology Officer, Patrick Campbell they pioneered and developed the most advanced and revolutionary 3D technology and workflow system in history, known today as FUSION 3D, to deliver the ultimate entertainment experience to audiences worldwide.

The technology revolution was born…

Collectively, James Cameron, Vince Pace and FUSION 3D have captured some of the world's most captivating images and productions of our time. Embraced by the world’s top broadcasters, networks, filmmakers and studios, CAMERON | PACE Group has supported more than $7.5 billion in box office, played a key role in 9 concert films, 27 features and more than 140 live sports broadcasts worldwide.

The epic blockbuster, “AVATAR” is the highest grossing film in history; resulting in $2.7 billion in box office and was shot entirely with CAMERON | PACE Group’s FUSION 3D system. This high quality, compelling and immersive entertainment experience set the new entertainment standard.
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