CAMERON | PACE Group heads to Russia for first-ever live 3D broadcast of ballet

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CAMERON | PACE Group (CPG) was on hand to support the production of ‘Swan Lake’ at St. Petersburg’s renowned Mariinsky Theatre. The performance, which took place on June 6 at 9:30 p.m. local time, marked the first-ever live 3D broadcast of a ballet. 

The event was concurrently broadcast in 2D and shown at over 1200 theaters in more than 50 countries. The live show was also displayed in 3D at the ballet’s newest addition to the Mariinsky arts complex, the state-of-the-art Mariinsky II theatre, which was opened to the public on May 2, 2013.

“They have the experience, talent, and expertise. There is no team in the world that knows better how to work in a 3D environment,” said Mariinsky Director Valery Gergiev of the CPG team. “The Mariinsky Live 3D format is something totally new for us, and also for the world. We look at this as an opportunity to not only display the qualities of our ballet company, but to do so with the newest possible technology.”

CPG supplied a total of eight 3D camera systems and a team of technicians for the broadcast. These rigs were strategically placed throughout the theater, with four located directly in front of the stage. Another was placed on a tracking crane that allowed for easier capture of the dancers’ movement.

“The Mariinsky Ballet stands alone as one of the world’s finest artistic expressions," said Vince Pace, CPG’s co-founder and co-chair. "Up until now, exposure was limited to those that experienced the performance firsthand. This collaboration allowed Mariinsky Director Valery Gergiev to share his vision with a worldwide audience, making this a significant step forward in the presentation of the arts. As a group, we are proud to be part of such a historic event.”

John Brooks, CPG’s creative director and stereo supervisor on the project, also recognizes the significance of the production’s global scope. “It is impossible to place a cultural value on the live 3D broadcast,” observes Brooks. “Viewers across the world were able to experience the ballet as if they had the best seat in the house.”

About CAMERON | PACE Group (CPG)

CAMERON | PACE Group (CPG) is the industry leader in 3D technologies and production services from SLATE²SCREEN™. Led by founders and cochairmen James Cameron and Vince Pace, CPG delivers the highest-quality 3D through its technology products, solutions, and creative tools engineered for use across all media channels. Supporting filmmakers, broadcasters, studios, networks, and creative teams globally, the company has unparalleled expertise in helping content producers realize the full potential of 3D as a powerful and immersive medium. CPG’s easy, efficient, and cost-effective 3D solutions have supported productions generating more than $8.5 billion in box-office revenues, enabled 31 3D feature films, more than 300 3D broadcasts, and multiple 3D media experiences in all formats. CPG-supported films and broadcasts have won numerous Oscars and Emmys for both technical and creative achievements, including three Best Cinematography Oscars in four years. For more information about the company, please visit
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