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CAMERON | PACE Previewing New Cirque du Soleil 3D Moviecirque preview sm
James Cameron and Vince Pace, co-founders and co-chairmen of CAMERON | PACE Group, have started to preview 39 minutes of stunning new footage of a Cirque du Soleil 3D movie, directed by Andrew Adamson and shot using CPG’s Fusion 3D camera system, for industry audiences. The production, which does not yet have a title, is a partnership between Cameron, Adamson and Cirque du Soleil and uses a new story as a device to weave together acts from various Cirque du Soleil shows, such as Ka, with its climatic battle on a vertical stage, and O, the water-themed production that includes an acrobatic act on a ship that floats above the pool of water.

avatardirectorandthebbctoworkona3dproductionAvatar director and the BBC to work on a 3D production
3D wizard James Cameron has teamed up with the BBC to work on a new movie. Walking with Dinosaurs 3D will be created by Vince Pace, who has worked on the BBC’s Blue Planet and the Titanic, and Cameron, who has agreed to supply the so called Fusion 3D technology to the project. The movie, like the series of the same name, tells the plight of dinosaurs and it’s packed with factual information. The series consists of six episodes and it has won three Emmy awards.
camerontechradar sm bwJames Cameron no longer waiting for movie tech to catch up
Director James Cameron has revealed to TechRadar that current movie technology is so good that there's not much more Hollywood can do to revolutionise filmmaking. Speaking to TechRadar at IBC, where the CAMERON | PACE Group announced it would be making Walking With Dinosaurs 3D with the BBC, Cameron revealed that he was no longer waiting for technology to catch up to make his movies. Cameron famously said that Avatar took so long to make as he was waiting for the special effects to evolve so he could tell his story. According to Cameron, however, this isn't the case anymore.
ibc arri1 cCAMERON | PACE Group on ARRI ALEXA M at IBC 2011 (Video)
Director James Cameron and Vince Pace discuss using the ARRI ALEXA M with ARRI Managing Director Franz Kraus at IBC 2011. Cameron | Pace Group used the ALEXA M on their recent 3D production, and here reveal the reasons why the camera was such a success.

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