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3d summit bloomberg smJames Cameron on 3-D Movies, Need for Innovation (Video)
James Cameron and Vince Pace, co-chairmen of CAMERON | PACE Group, talk about the company's 3-D technology, the outlook for the 3-D movie business and the importance of innovation. They speak with Cory Johnson on Bloomberg Television's "Bloomberg West."
reuters smJames Cameron Wants to Certify 3D Filmmakers
The “Avatar” director and 3D evangelist told TheWrap Wednesday that his company, the CAMERON | PACE Group, has developed just such a certification process for 3D filmmakers. “We want to be the Dolby of 3D,” he said. He said that Real D handles that function on the display side, but no one’s doing it for filmmakers. Also read: James Cameron on 3D and 'The Lion King': 'All It Takes Is Greed' A "CAMERON | PACE Group-certified" stamp of approval would do just that, he said. Cameron added that he wants the certification program to be a way for filmmakers to know that they’re using 3D...
3d hype cycleHow James Cameron Hopes to Defeat the 3-D Hype Cycle
There are few people in Hollywood who evangelizes more for 3-D than James Cameron and the director makes a compelling case. His 3-D film Avatar is the highest grossing movie of all time. Most blockbusters top out at about $1 billion globally. Avatar has earned $2.8 billion. (It’s also about to get the Disney World treatment with a new Avatar land slated for development in Florida.) Those are numbers that every studio and film maker would like to replicated. But 3-D has suffered since Avatar set the box office on fire in 2010. This summer 3-D movies like Kung Fu Panda 2 and Pirates of the...

jc 3d glasses smJames Cameron, Vince Pace on 3D Broadcasting: Sports, Live Events, Scripted TV Offer Opportunity
At this still-early stage of a 3D TV rollout, filling a schedule with 3D programming is a challenge. “Hollywood is part of the answer, but at 15-25 3D films a year and with long lead times it cannot keep pace with the demand,” said producer, director and 3D advocate James Cameron. “The opportunity is with live events and sports and scripted TV which have a short post cycle and can deliver many more hours per year of high quality entertainment.” But if more sports and other live events are to be shot and broadcast in 3D, the industry also needs to adopt a new business model.

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