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3d focus sm 3D Cinematographer Vince Pace Reacts to Slowing 3D Sales
Acclaimed Director of Photography Vince Pace and Co-Chairman and CEO of CAMERON | PACE Group tells 3D Focus that some 3D guys are trying to influence content more than is justified. In an exclusive interview with 3D Focus, Vince Pace – the highly experienced cinematographer who has worked on films such as Titanic, The Abyss and Avatar, also reacts to the recent headlines suggesting that 3D is over. Earlier this year, Vince Pace merged his existing company PACE (which was founded in 2000) into a new venture with fellow 3D...
cameron 3d future sm James Cameron sees a 3-D future for film, TV and games
(CNN) -- Anyone who's watched James Cameron's Oscar-winning "Avatar" can see the difference stereoscopic 3-D can make in a big screen event film when it's done correctly. While prepping to film the next two "Avatar" movies back-to-back, Cameron has been keeping busy on the 3-D technology front with long-time partner Vince Pace. The pair recently won the George Wensel Technical Achievement Award for outstanding 3-D broadcasts at the 32nd annual Sports Emmy Awards for their work on the 2010 U.S. Open Championship...
cameron bay hollywood reporter sm Michael Bay Reveals James Cameron's Secret Role in the Making of 'Transformers'
At the premiere afterparty for Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen in June 2009, Michael Bay stood among well-wishers, took a deep breath and stated definitively that he was taking a break from the franchise. That decision lasted a week. But it took Paramount Pictures a lot longer to get Bay to commit to making the third film, Transformers: Dark of the Moon, in 3D -- a move that would escalate the scale and appeal of the machines-come-to-life franchise, which...
pirates3d 2 sm The New 3D Technology Behind 'Pirates of the Caribbean'
When the production of Disney's 3D Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides tapped the James Cameron and Vince Pace-created Fusion 3D camera system, it used for the first time what might be a promising development in that technology. A new, modular "x frame" system is "going to be a part of almost every" Cameron-Pace supported 3D project going forward, Pace, co-chairman and CEO of Cameron-Pace Group, told The Hollywood Reporter. Going forward, that might include support for features, documentaries, episodic...

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