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NEW YORK—The 3D broadcasts of the US Open Tennis Championships last month from the USTA Billie Jean King National Tennis Center in Flushing Meadows, demonstrated that the increased efficiency of 3D production techniques and equipment enabled CBS and its production team to almost double last year's 3D camera coverage without increasing the production cost. Since last year's US Open tennis finals telecast was awarded the George Wensel Technical Achievement Award for outstanding 3D broadcasts from The National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences, these new...

3d entertainment summit sm3D Entertainment Summit: James Cameron & Vince Pace Keynote (Videos)
James Cameron and Vince Pace’s keynote presentation with David Cohen, Special Features Editor, Variety at 3D Entertainment Summit in Hollywood, CA. View the keynote videos from the 2011 event.
talking tech 3d summitTalking Tech: James Cameron at the 3-D Summit (Video)
Avatar director James Cameron and business partner Vince Pace stopped by the 3-D Entertainment Summit in Los Angeles this week to talk up 3-D, and their go-go plans to go forward with more 3-D in the future. The leaders of the CAMERON | PACE Group, which works with sports broadcasters such as ESPN and CBS Sports on 3-D sporting events, and films, including an upcoming production from the theatrical group Cirque du Soleil, sat down with us after their keynote to talk 3-D
james cameron talks 3d at summitJames Cameron talks 3D at Summit
Audiences are right to push back against premium ticket prices for 3D, according to James Cameron, especially when it comes to converted 3D titles. "The way it's being done, it's not 3D, it's 2.2D, or 2.4D," Cameron told the audience at Variety's 3D Entertainment Summit. Cameron knows a little something about conversion. He's currently working with Fox to release a 3D version of his 1997 blockbuster "Titanic," a process costing the studio $18 million and a whole year's time. "I think we're coming out with something that's 90% of what it would have been if it was shot in 3D, but that's not always being done," the helmer said, noting that studios don't often want to spend the money or the time on each conversion. "As a filmmaker, I would much rather shoot...

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