NAB 2012: James Cameron & Vince Pace game changers reinventing the 3D entertainment experience

Las Vegas, NV(Hollywood Today)4/20/12/–Both James Cameron, Vince Pace were on hand for this Super Session announcing their new 5D roll-out Production Concept. I along with a packed audience were presented a new system and a different way of producing content for all levels of production …Live, and Studio…Now both 2D and 3D can be done simultaneously with a seamless workflow.Using the new Cameron Pace Groupsystem enables a production crew to do both 2D and 3D together. You can pull focus and track your shot just like the gear cinematographers use for regular 2D productions.


This is not an easy task when you realize the actual work it takes to produce a 3D shoot for each scene done manually looking back just a year ago! Now it’s done virtually automatically via their Shadowcam a handheld camera rig and the Shadowcaster, their “5D” mobile unit.These are all computer assisted and motorized 2D/3D Camera rigs that now give the Camera Operators and Directors amazing creative tools to control a once very complicated system.


Having been on some of these productions just 2 years ago it would sometimes take hours to set-up prior to shooting on a typical 3D rig.Vince Pace Co-chairman Vince Pace of CPG, Cameron Pace Group is an acclaimed cinematographer and co-inventor of the world’s most advanced stereoscopic 3D system’s.


He has been a pioneer in reinventing the entertainment experience. Now with CPG’s 5D system production may become as easy and as fast as 2D production.See @


I caught up with Vince Pace at at CPG’s booth after their morning session where he stated.


“The beauty of CPG is our umbrella architecture and our approach to the entertainment business that allows us to take all the technologies and cross pollinate them. And take that knowledge and technology to the broadcast world and our experiences into the digital cinema world.” I then asked how sees the Future of Television Broadcasting in 3D ?


“I think integration would be relief. Right?, as it needs to be integrated and there is a lot of people that have made an interest in doubling the product so when you approach 3D it’s a re-purposed 2D product times two.


The philosophy from CPG is to design something as if you had to do your shoot in 2D and 3D. Our approach does lean on integration and solve the redundancy problem. So from CPG stand point its time the industry incorporates feature sets that handle the larger bandwidths of information and the demands of 3D production incorporated in the 2D production and CPG is playing that role”


After seeing CPG’s 5D solution at their NAB Booth you come away very impressed and the feeling that it may become an industry standard in the coming years. They have taken this approach of integration seriously and you have to give them credit for taking this approach.


James Cameron


The story this year for CPG is to prove that the 3D business model for the format is profitable. CPG says their “5D” business model making is equal to the cost of 2D can now. Up until now it was common for live sports coverage to use a separate crew for 3D.


Cameron suggested as the reason. “You’ve got to commit to a season. You are not able amortize it (with a single shoot).” This makes a lot of sense as the doing only one project is never cost effective.


CPG says they can now lower the costs that will level the playing field in producing content for both broadcast and theatrical productions as stated today by James Cameron,


“3D is the future, and a big part of that future is in broadcast,” Cameron also said. “3D, and now 5D, is happening now, despite what some of the naysayers say and where it’s really starting to happen is in television.


Mr. Cameron has just returned form 6 months on his new feature using CPG’s new camera technology. Cameron said. “We developed a 1080p camera that was about the size of your thumb that sat inside a little titanium housing, and we generated 3D from it by essentially putting two housings side by side, because the interocular was small enough.


He became the first man to complete a solo dive to the Challenger Deep some 36000 feet or about 7 miles beneath the surface of the Pacific Ocean and around 200 miles from Guam. The prototype was not shown at NAB but promises to be a new addition to their advanced tools when it’s ready for other productions in the very near future.


The movie Hugo was among the latest releases to be shot with the CPG 3D camera rigs. They did not suggest the use of 5D here. Cameron “If I were producing an episodic series, I would produce it like Avatar with one 3D camera system (and extract the single eye for the 2D),” Cameron said. “I would encourage people to go right to a native 3D and extract the 2D. I think episodic will gravitate toward the feature model.”


We will be watching the Cameron Pace Group and see how much of a game changer their 5D production model will become ?


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